Pre-assembled Drilling Rig Mast Assemblies
#M1M)  Drilling Rig Mast manufactured from 3x6 or 4x6 1/4" wall 1/2" plate to 13'
6" length for 10 ft drill pipe with Mayhew Junior swivel (+/- 5,870 lbs pulldown /  
6,700 lbs pullback) with hydraulic pipe breakout, bowl and slip, counter balance
valve, and ready for your attachment starts at
$.  Includes ANSI #80 single chain
All Drilling Rig masts include both the skid up/down head drive hydraulic motor
and the swivel rotation hydraulic motor.  You must fabricate the pivot or hard
connection from the mast to your mobile equipment.

Due to the various types of mobile equipment our customers use we do not
supply hydraulic hoses from the valve stack to your equipments hydraulic
connections.  We do supply hydraulic hoses to all other devices on the mast.

Mast is primed with red oxide.

2-3/8" Mayhew Junior, 2-7/8" IF or FEDP, or 3-1/2" API drill pipe is not included:  
Drill pipe may be found in our parts store -
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Pres-assembled drill rig mast assemblies for skid steers, bobcats,
excavators, flat bed trucks, trailer based, and other mobile equipment.
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