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drilling rig
Water-84 drill Rig
Trailer drilling rig
Optional swing away swivel head
opens to show line of sight for winch
line to borehole for casing installation

To convert Model Water-84 water drill rig to a
Geothermal Drilling Rig please add $ for the purchase
and installation of grout pump with mixer and tremie
hose reel, or supply your hydraulic powered grout
pump/mixer and tremie hose reel to be installed.
New drill rig
Water Well Drilling Rigs, Geothermal Drilling Rigs, and Borehole Machine
Model Water-84 borehole drill
equipment is shown with optional
mast tower extension for handling
casing, water tank, and piston pump

Downward pressure on drill bit is
enabled with hands-free drilling.

Water Borehole Drill Rig - Standard Well Drilling Machine / Equipment:
Engine:   Liquid cooled diesel, electric start, with battery charging circuit
Engine monitoring: Control panel monitors engine for low oil pressure, charging
circuit, and high temperature

Hydraulic pumps:   Dual gear pumps, 3000 and 2500 psi output
Hydraulic tank:    30 gallon with 10 micron filtration
Maximum Combined Hydraulic output:   
Hydraulic valve stack:
     Adjustable pressure relief installed
Counter balance valve installed:  Yes
Downward pressure fine speed feathering control:  Yes
Drill rotation fine speed feathering control:  Yes
Hands Free Drilling:  Yes
Pressure gauges:  System pressure and mud pump motor feed pressure
Push or pull casing capable:    Yes,  Push or pull 10 ft sections
Swivel subsaver threads:  2-3/8" Mayhew Junior
Swivel pressure rating:   750 psi (51.71 bar)
Drill pipe included: 200 feet / +/- 61 meters of 2-3/8" Mayhew Junior drill pipe
Drill bit sub: 2-3/8" MHJR box to 2-3/8" API box
Mast lifting and lowering cylinder:          Yes,
Downward pressure enabled:          Yes,
Mast  structure:   Rectangular tubing with solid skid plate
Drilling Up / Down Drive system:     Variable speed hydraulic ANSI chain drive
Drill Pipe holding and locking slip plate:     Yes,
Forced air hydraulic oil cooler:    Yes,
Hydraulic top joint wrenchless pipe breakout:   Yes,
Above ground mud pan capable:   Yes,

Rig specifications:
Length:          23 ft  (276 inches)  (varies depending on shipping location)
Width:             7' 2"  (86 inches)
Height with swivel not hinged to side:      +/-  9' 0" (108 inches)
Weight:          +/- 8650 lbs

Trailer:   Custom manufactured 7' x 12' all steel 14,000 lb rated trailer with 12"
I-beam carriers and two 7000 lb axles.   Both axles equipped with electric
brakes.  Trailer shown has optional two rear and one front hydraulic actuated
leveling jacks.   Trailer bed is expanded metal and plate steel stitch welded to
all steel cross members.    Trailer has built in drill pipe storage rack.   Trailer
design may vary depending on the final shipping destination.
Rig paint color:  Industrial Yellow and black, may vary.

Upgrades Available:
1.  Mast extension Option:  Mast extension for installation of casing in 20 foot
or 6 meter lengths.  Includes winch for casing or drill pipe handling, and swing
away drill head for casing installation:
2.  High pressure Twin piston mud, grout, and cement pump (red pump).

Available Hard Rock upgrades:
Option #1 - Includes standard Model Water-84 with  800 psi air line, high
pressure water injection pump with chemical feed, and a 4" hammer with a 5"
hammer bit.   Electro servo speed control.

Air Option #2 - Includes standard Model Water-84 with  800 psi air line, high
pressure water injection pump with chemical feed, and a 5" hammer with a 6"
hammer bit.   Electro servo speed control.

Price and specifications subject to change without notice!
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