Custom designed and manufactured down hole hammer drilling rig for connection to a Caterpillar excavator working in an extreme
environment.  Drill2Water, LLC designed and constructed this drilling rig in only 30 days.

The steel rig structure weighed in at over 2000 lbs. and required it's own half torsion axles and a pintle hitch connection for movement while
horizontal.  Forklift boxes where incorporated to move this rig when in the vertical position.

For your special projects requiring compliance with tight work schedules and to be on budget Drill2Water is there to provide you with superior
service.  We can manufacture excavator, skid steer, bobcat, etc., for water well drilling or even geothermal drilling rig attachments to fit most

To construct your own skid steer drilling system you may purchase a completed mast and drill pipe from our online store -
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Pre-assembled masts
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