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All Water Well Drilling Equipment models for sale
are easily converted to
Geothermal Drill Rigs.  Trailer
mounted geothermal drilling rigs with various equipment options
are available.  

Water Services International, a subsidiary of
Drill2Water, LLC,
is seeking Water Borehole Drilling
Services Partnerships or Joint Ventures
in only  Sierra Leone, and Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast).  
Water Forage drill rig
Borehole Drill Rig shown with optional
equipment and rubber coating.
Drilling Borehole in Africa Water Well Drilling Equipment Rigs Machines

Model Water-84 - Air
Hammer         Drilling in Mali,
West Africa
Drill2Water, LLC  -  Austin,  Texas   USA
Water Well Borehole and Geothermal Drilling Rigs                 Tel:
Water Well Drilling Rigs, Geothermal Drilling Rigs, and Borehole Equipment
Model Water-84  
Shown with optional equipment
Truck is not included.
Drill2Water, LLC

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d'eau appareils de forage
machines à eau de forage de puits de
forage et des services
Custom Water Well Drilling Rigs and Equipment for
your special drilling applications are our speciality!
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does not disclose personal information you
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Water Well Drill
Rigs to Nigeria
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Drill2Water, LLC may offer short term
financing for up to one year to purchase our
borehole drilling rig machines to existing
overseas companies through the Export-Import
Bank of the United States.   
Water Well Drilling Rigs - Training Session
Sikasso Mali, West Africa
Hammer drilling a 6" water well borehole through what was 18 meters
of overburden followed by 55 meters of mostly
Future Water Well Borehole Drilling Rig Machinetraining sessions are anticipated to take place inAngola, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Sudan, & Tanzania.

Drill2Water, LLC manufactures and has for sale
forage water well drilling rigs,
geothermal drilling rigs,
borehole drilling equipment, granite and rockbuster
water well drilling equipment for deeprock drilling,
borehole drilling rig parts, and drilling machines
including drilling rig equipment, and drilling rig supplies.

We sell step bits, drillcat claw drill bits, chevron drill
bits, tricone drill bits, DTH down hole hammer drill
bits, PDC drilling bits, drill pipe, bit subs, float subs,
drill pipe stabilizers, mud motors, Mayhew Jr and API
drill pipe transition subs, centrifugal mud pumps, piston
mud pumps, progressive cavity mud pumps, drilling
mud mixers, desanders, cyclones, diesel air
compressors, water swivels, down hole hammers
(DTH), oil injectors, high pressure water injectors,
foam injectors, gold sample drilling, and many other
items including drill rigs with cat, kubota, perkins, and
other diesel engines makes.

Drilling books and logging tablets are available.

Drill2Water, LLC is a manufacture of water drilling rig or geothermal drilling rig masts to
attach to your skid steer / skidsteer / bobcat or even an excavator.    In very hard rock, you can
incorporate a down hole hammer.  
Click Here for photos of our latest excavator pilling
drilling rig custom manufactured for an extreme working environment.  To build your own
attachment for your water well drilling equipment please visit our online store for
pre-asssembled masts.
New drill rig
Forage Eau Water Well Drilling Rig
Africa borehole Drilling Rigs and Machines
Borehole Drilling Machines and
geotechnical equipment are
chosen by engineers to work in
the harshest and most remote
locations worldwide.

(Western Sahara Desert)